Arthur Price's Helter Skelter

During the summer of 2016, I printed and collated an entry for the Royal Photographic Society International Photobook Exhibition and competition.
I used images which I shot of the 'build-'up of a Helter Skelter . Arthur Price's Helter Skelter, not knowing at the time that this was to be the last time it was ever to be seen at the famous Nottingham Goose Fair. Truly a valedictory event.
The resulting book is unique; sculptural in form, having been laser cut to shape and bound between archival corrugated boards with a traditional Japanese style binding.
A selection of images from the original Goose Fair shoot were displayed alongside at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch during October.

I am now bringing the exhibit to Saltaire and have been allocated space in 'The Art Rooms' adjacent to Salt's Mill itself. Saltaire is truly a magnificent setting and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Saltaire Arts Trail 2017 is taking place from 27th-29th May.