Robert's 'Just Giving' page
Robert in his 70th year,'three score years and ten' is supporting two quite different but equally amazing charities. One is the McCabe Educational Trust and the other is Myaware

The McCabe Educational Trust helps needy people and particularly childrenin Palestine. Whilst Myaware is another name for the Myasthenia Gravis Association. By clicking on the links above it will take you to websites, where you can learn more of the work of Robert's chosen charities.If you thought you were able it would be a practical way by making a donation, large or small via either one of Robert's Just Giving pages.

McCabewww.justgiving/robert-herringshaw1 and Myaware www.justgiving/robert-herringshaw
Myaware is the name for the Myasthenia Gravis Association.
I have been a sufferer of Optical Myasthenia since I was 16.
I am currently working on a photo-book for Myaware and the RPS. A collection of images which describe visually how a sufferer of this rare condition sees the world.
More news to follow.
The McCabe Educational Trust
The McCabe Educational Trust support three principal projects on the West Bank and four in India and Nepal with regular, sustainable, support. These projects are featured in detail on their website.
Streets in the Sky
Streets in the Sky a Dozen Perspectives
A Collaborative Book Project featuring Sheffield's Park Hill created by twelve Royal Photographic Society Photographers on February 25th 2015
For more details email tel 0795 512 4000
The Royal Photographic Society
The Royal Photographic Society is a membership organisation that promotes all aspects of photography across art and science.
Olympus Cameras
All about the technologically advanced Olympus OM-D M5II, micro 4/3 mirror-less camera.
High Resolution Film Scanning
PRO-SCAN is a friendly yet highly professional company offering a high quality film scanning service converting film negatives and slides into clean, crisp digital images. Their prices are extremely competitive and the high quality of their service is what they justly regard as being the very foundation of PRO-SCAN.
When they receive a film, it is promptly scanned using one of their top quality Nikon 5000ED or 8000 scanners at high resolution (4000 dpi). Each image is then converted into a JPEG format file, typical file sizes being around 25MB per image(35mm).